The area of forest Fund for 01.01.2012 - 74984 hectares, including 66023 hectares covered with forest, 70475 hectares of forest land.

On forest zoning of the Republic of Belarus (I. D. Yurkevich, V. S. Geltman) glhu "Vitebsk forestry" is located in the subzone of broad-leaved spruce forests, in the West Dvina forest area. Its entire territory belongs to the Surazh-Luchessky complex of forests.

The company's forests are located in the southern part of the Surazh lowland, on the outskirts of the Polotsk lowland and Nevelsk-Gorodok upland, on the Vitebsk upland and in the lowland of the Luchesa river.

The climate of the area of forestry, compared with the rest of the Republic of Belarus, the coolest, wetter, with a pronounced continental. Continental climate is expressed in the fact that here the winter is severe (the average temperature in January minus 7.5 C), and the summer is hot (the average temperature in July is 17.7 C), that is, the annual amplitude of the air temperature is close to the maximum value for the territory of Belarus.

The average annual temperature is 5 ° C, maximum 34 ° C, minimum minus 41 ° C. the average rainfall for the year is 600 mm.the duration of the vegetative period is 185 days. The last frosts in spring are observed on may 18-19, the first in autumn-on September 24-25. The average date of freezing of rivers on December 6, the beginning of the flood 4-10 April. Date of occurrence of snow cover on average 3-5 December, the date of snowfall in the forest 23-28 March. The average power of the snow cover is 35 cm, the depth of freezing of soils – 65 cm relative humidity is 69 percent.
The prevailing wind seasons are: winter – South-West and South-East, the average speed of 5 meters per second; spring – South-East and North-East, the average speed of 3.8 meters per second; summer – North-West and South-West, the average speed of 3.6 meters per second; autumn – South-West and South-East, the average speed of 4.4 meters per second.

In General, the climate of the location of forestry is characterized as moderately warm, humid, relatively continental.

Climatic conditions are particularly favorable for the cultivation of spruce and pine. They are also optimal for the growth of soft-leaved plantations: birch, alder, gray and black, aspen, which occupied a significant part of the forestry.